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Vitamin D



Caution!  The object must be carefully guided with your hand at all times during use.*

Discover the excellence of our high-quality glass whimsical object,

Meticulously designed to bring joy to the lives of vegans. Not only does this unique creation serve as a charming decorative piece, but it also plays a delightful role in ensuring you get your daily dose of vegetables. Crafted with eco-conscious materials and a strong commitment to vegan values, this whimsical object becomes the perfect addition to your plant-based lifestyle.

With its intricate design and artisanal quality, it brings a touch of elegance and vitality to your life. But the satisfaction doesn't stop there – it also doubles as a reminder to incorporate more greens into your diet, making it a thoughtful and practical gift for vegans and health-conscious individuals.


  • Material -  Glass
  • Regular Color - Pink, Purple, Yellow, Green
  • Function - Glass Dildo
  • Size (mm) A: 160x30, B: 192x28, C: 180x28

To make it even more special, this exquisite piece comes impeccably packaged in a high-end gift box, ready to be shared with your loved ones.

Elevate your passion for a plant-based lifestyle and adorn your surroundings with this meaningful and aesthetic masterpiece. Embrace the joy of veganism and health in style – order now and experience the fulfillment it brings!

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People Love Vitamin D

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