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The Dicktator


Introducing our premium penis enlargement device

Designed to help you achieve your maximum potential naturally and without the use of drugs! 

Experience a newfound confidence as this innovative device leaves your partner yearning for more. With its simple one-button operation, you can trust that it works seamlessly to provide real results.


  • Material - ABS+TPE+Silicone+AS
  • Regular Color - Black / Clear
  • Function - Penis enlargement
  • Net Weight - .70 lbs

Witness a rapid transformation with a minimum gain of 2-3 inches in less than a minute, enhancing both your pleasure and your partner's satisfaction. Elevate your intimate experiences with this effective and easy-to-use solution – because you deserve the best. Order now and unlock a new level of confidence and pleasure!


Battery - Built in battery

Capacity - 500mAh

Always discreet packaging
Free shipping on orders over $99.99

People Love The Dicktator

Female Owned

lovgun is female owned business focused on helping our customers connect with their body. Our mission is to create, produce, and source quality innovative products ensuring the best intimate experience. We pride ourselves on service on and stand behind our products and brand. Be yourself. Be Happy.