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Caution!  The object must be carefully guided with your hand at all times during use.*

Introducing our latest creation tailored for those who adore passion and pleasure!

If you're a fan of intimate exploration, then our petite wonder is destined to captivate your senses. This carefully crafted delight is designed for experimentation without overwhelming sensations, providing the perfect balance for your intimate escapades.

Crafted with precision, the high-quality soft TPE outer layer embraces a rigid center, ensuring an experience that's both tender and fulfilling. The compact dimensions make it an ideal companion for those seeking just the right amount of excitement without feeling constrained.

What sets us apart is not just the exquisite design but also the convenience we offer. Each of our objects comes complete with the necessary adapters, seamlessly connecting to your massage gun for an effortless and integrated experience.

Let's delve into the specifics:
- Length: 200mm/5.87 inches
- Girth: 42mm/1.65 inches (just right for your desires)

Details that matter:
- Material: TPE
- Regular Color: Nude
- Net Weight: 0.71 lbs
- Waterproof: IPX7

Elevate your intimate moments with our enticing creation – a blend of quality, sophistication, and pleasure. Don't just settle; indulge in an experience crafted for your satisfaction. Treat yourself to the ultimate fusion of pleasure and design!

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lovgun is female owned business focused on helping our customers connect with their body. Our mission is to create, produce, and source quality innovative products ensuring the best intimate experience. We pride ourselves on service on and stand behind our products and brand. Be yourself. Be Happy.