What is a Lovgun? A toy (dildo) that simply attaches to your massage gun.

Over the last 12 months the category of massage guns have taken over the internet with promises to make you feel better. When we first were exposed to the concept and brands on the market we instantly had the idea to attach an object aka (dildo) and Lovgun was born!

These powerful devices have both vibration and or thrusting motions and when combined with our adapters and object creates the ultimate fuck toy.

We have selected the best quality objects (yes we tested every one) to ensure maximum pleasure and we cater to every appetite or lifestyle. Be confident that the experience will be better than you can imagine.  Lovgun is the perfect gift to spice up any relationship at any stage no matter what age …..over 18 of course. Don’t judge, don’t be scared or intimidated, explore your body and enjoy life!

  • All of our items are for novelty use. 
  • We are not responsible for any injuries, use of the device is at your own risk.
  • All toys should be inspected and tested before each use.
  • All toys are recommended to be used on the lowest speed.
  • Hold the object in one hand to stabalize the object before inserting.
  • Usage will dictate the longevity of these objects.
  • All toys come ready to install on you massage gun 
  • Sales are final, we don't want them back. 

How to connect your object to your Massage Gun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find what your looking for or want a something custom….contact us below and one of our lifestyle experts will guide you down the path of ecstasy!

Hypervolt and Asia direct devices with same style tips. Theragun & TimTam. ***note percussion devices like TG &TT are powerful percussion devices and we suggest you put a towel down prior to use ;)!

All objects purchased from us directly are ready to go and the adapters are installed from the factory.


*please visit the appropriate massage gun website for site for the full specs and details. We are not affiliated with any massager or brand.