Ranking The Top Massagers On How They Are Really Used


A previously written article titled, It’s Time to Admit the Theragun is a Sex Toy, highlights the growing popularity in using a Class A medical device as a sex toy. The article goes on to explain the use of percussive devices or “massage guns” for sexual stimulation among amateurs and pornstars across multiple sites, sparking the new wave of therapeutic device claiming to speed sexual arousal and climax of both both male and females.

Although genders experience orgasms differently, pelvic floor contractions are associated with the intensity of all orgasms. The strength of these muscles are directly related to the intensity and duration of the orgasm. Stimulation and climax is dependent on the person in both men and women. Achieving an orgasm may simply come from clitoral or penile stimulation alone; however, studies show that both genders experience higher orgasmic pleasure through blended stimulation of multiple erogenous zones.1 2 In fact, both men and women reported quicker and increased intensity of orgasms as well as higher muscle temperature in the genitals (indicating level of arousal) induced by stimulation across multiple erogenous zones.3 4 5

In a self report, younger women described “a clitoral orgasm as localized, intense and physically satisfying, whereas a vaginal orgasm was described as stronger and longer lasting than clitoral orgasm, ‘deeper’, a ‘whole body’ sensation with throbbing feelings, and more psychologically satisfying”.4 Although subjective, most women found the most pleasure in a mix of stimulation to reach orgasm.

Men reported similar outcomes, specifically a difference in penile stimulation alone compared to prostate stimulation through anal penetration or vibration. Anal stimulation results in around 12 pelvic floor contractions, compared to the 4-8 pelvic floor contractions from penile stimulation during an orgasm.1 The two are explained to be distinguishable from one another, however a mixed stimulation may produce stronger and longer orgasms. Massage guns have been growing in popularity for male penetration and penile stimulation through different attachments.

In the article mentioned above, Theragun by Therabody, Inc. was the main device referred to when describing this new era of sex toy. However Jigsaw, TimTam, and Lovgun were also mentioned; Lovgun specifically, as it is marketed and designed mainly for sexual stimulation. With all the different brands, functions, and pricing out there; how do we know which are the best?

Look no further! Below we will break down the top 5 massage guns for sexual stimulation based on price, performance, and quallity.

1.  Lovgun Therapy Massager + Stud
    • Price: $249.99
    • Specifications: Innovative QuietPower motor delivering a 4 speed rate of percussion at under 45 dB with its noise-canceling technology. This gun comes with an internal rechargeable lithium batteries, providing 7 hours of continuous use per charge.
    • Best Overall Price and Quality: Specifically designed for the use as a sex toy and massage, this gun is compact, quiet, long-lasting, and provides multiple speed functions for the different usage. The Lovgun Massager also is perfectly suited for multiple sex toy attachments offered directly as a purchase add-on without the need for external adapters. 
2.   TimTam Power Massager Pro
      • Price: $499.99
      • Specifications: 3 speed and 4 additional settings of percussion speed plus a erotic mode designed specifically for pleasure accessed via a specific button sequence available from TT directly. Also includes a vibration and heat application attachments that simply puts this device in a class of its own. Overall provides 60 minutes of continuous use with a 10-25 dB noise output, 30 mm stroke length,2.0 pounds, and 175 degree articulating head.
      • Best High End: Ranking as the best high-end massager for its quietness, articulation, and multiple functionality. The Power Massager Pro packs the perfect multi-functional capability with its ability to articulate 175 degrees for optimal angling, heat, and vibration modes that separate it from the pack in providing the most pleasurable experience in the bedroom.
    3.   Therabody Theragun Elite
      • Price: $399.00
      • Specifications: Providing 5 built in percussion speeds and a 16 mm stroke length with Smart App integration via Bluetooth for customizable speed and routines. Providing 5 attachments and 2 rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries for 120 minutes of battery life, with a weight of 2.2 pounds and a sound output that is 75% quieter than its previous model.

      • Best Performance: This gun is ranked as a top performance model for quiet and sleek, triangular design allowing for multiple grips and better angling during self-use. The ability to customize the speed and control its settings through an app make it the perfect storm for finding the perfect speed and intensity while using it solo or with a partner.

    4.   Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro

      • Price: $399.00
      • Specifications: Providing 5 built in percussion speeds and an 11 mm stroke length with connection to the Hyperice App via Bluetooth for automated speed control. Included with 5 attachments and a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery for 3 hours of battery life, with a weight of 2.6 pounds and a quiet, brushless high-torque motor.
      • Best Performance: This gun ties as a top performer due to its multi-speed functionality that can be controlled through an app via bluetooth. Its T-shaped design and stroke length separates it from the Theragun Elite that allows for the user to experience closer to a virbatory effect for the more sensitive used and clitoral/prostate stimulation, as well as a longer arm for further reach.

    5.   TimTam Pocket Power Massager

      • Price: $199.99
      • Specifications: Small and compact, weighing in at 1.01 pounds with a length similar to that of an Iphone, this massager provides 3-5 hours of continuous use through 4 different levels of speed. Very quiet at a sound output of 39 dB and come included with a universal adapter for multiple attachments from other brands.
      • Best Portability: Ranking as the best portable massager, the Pocket Power Massager is light and compact for on-the-go use and traveling. Its T-shaped design also allows for the perfect grip with different angles and intensity of penetration or massage.