People are modding personal massagers to attach dildos and buttplugs, and there’s a big demand for it. January 18, 2022, 9:00am By Samantha Cole


The Theragun, a triangle-shaped personal massager by wellness company Therabody, is not, by any official account, a sex toy. The website explicitly says it’s not. The company warns against using it on your junk. 

Despite this, Theraguns have become a popular device for drilling one’s genitals. Porn sites return lots of results for “theragun” and “massage gun,” with stars like Asa Akira and Evelin Stone using Therabody’s model or a knockoff, and many more amateur models uploading close-up views of the guns tenderizing vulvas and penises.

Then there’s that TikTok from a couple months ago where someone holds a massager and lets the vibrations channel through their index finger to aggressively whisk an egg; the guy who stitches this video, and the reason it went viral, has the brilliant idea of introducing it to his partner next: 

Someone tried this, and posted the (uncensored) experiment on Pornhub. It works.   

So it’s well-established: People really want the Theragun, and most gun-shaped personal massagers, to be a sex toy. Many reviews of the device beat around that bush. Edith Zimmerman’s assessment at the Cut of the G3 model, for example, was that it “looks a bit like a sleek, gigantic geometric vibrator,” but that “the pleasure it brings is decidedly unsexual” (in her opinion). Everything Therabody makes looks kind of like a sex toy: the Wave line of massagers includes a buzzing ball called the Solo, the cylindrical Roller, and bean-shaped Duo. “I also think it could make a good sex toy, but whether or not my girlfriend and I actually tested that is none of your goddamn business!” writer Adam Robarth said in his review of the Wave Solo

Therabody explicitly warns in its safety guidelines: “Do not use the Theragun above your Adam’s Apple or C4, on your head or near your genitals.” It reiterates again on a separate precautions page: “The following are circumstances where the potential risks may outweigh the benefits... Direct application to the face, throat, or genitalia.” 

In the Best Buy reviews for the Theragun Pro, an intrepid soul named Mike asked, “Does this work well as a sex toy?” Three cowards answered to say no. Elsewhere on the internet, these three are vastly outnumbered. But users forge ahead anyway. Countless people are absolutely wrecking their shit with these things—in a good way.

“Gets me to the edge in literally seconds. Never felt anything so powerful on my cock... If you can handle how violent [it] feels it's otherworldly,” someone said in a Reddit thread titled “Massage Gun? More like Fuck-Gun 🤯🤤.” The original poster had discovered a way to use their (unnamed) massage gun in conjunction with dildos, pressing the gun against the base of the silicon toy to make it vibrate inside of their partner. “I bought a massage gun for sore muscles and when I felt it on my back I knew I just had to feel it on my clit,” someone else replied. “I'm now addicted! I use it daily but it is so relaxing I just hold it there until I'm done. It's very powerful! By far my most favorite toy!” “Yes it most definitely is, used one on my partner she was at about her 22-23 Orgasm before she lost count,” wrote another. “I have a thing i use as a butt plug and have tried using my massage gun on it….it deffinelty did feel different,” yet another testified. (I would like to know what the “thing” they use as a butt plug is, if not an actual butt plug.)

People are also using it to overcome sexual dysfunction: One person suffering from premature ejaculation claims that jackhammering their taint with a Theragun Mini twice daily helps loosen up the tension in that area and improves blood flow. Others attest to massage guns being a useful tool in alleviating “hard flaccid syndrome,” a condition where the penis gets stuck in a semi-rigid state—pummeling around the base of their member with a massager bought from Amazon brought at least one person some relief.

Lovgun, a company launched in February 2019, sells dildos to go with the massage gun you may already have. “The velocity of the massage guns along with the intense stroke length/frequency supercharges the performance compared to a traditional vibrator,” Mistress Starr, the company’s spokesperson, told me. What makes repurposed massage guns different from a vibrator meant for sex is the intensity, they said—especially on the Theragun, as well as the TimTam, a similar massager brand. “Specifically on the stroke length, they truly are percussion devices, on low speeds it replicates the stroking sensation during intercourse and at higher speed the same action, just far more intense.” 

Lovegun has a helpful video showing how the attachments work, and a dildo in action at the end of a massager: 

Maybe it’s up to us consumers, porn models, massage lovers and modders, to dictate what is and isn’t a sex toy. Anything can be, if you’re thinking far enough outside the instruction manual. 

January 18, 2022, 9:00am  By Samantha Cole