Lovgun Taps Dani Daniels as Brand Ambassador


SARASOTA, Fla. — Lovgun, maker of the new hybrid “massage gun-erotic toy” that is its namesake, has enlisted Dani Daniels as its new brand ambassador.

Elizabeth Thomas, CEO of Lovgun, said, “We couldn't think of a more perfect fit. Dani is an entrepreneur and well-respected member of the adult industry and knows her way around a sex toy!"

Lovgun's patent-pending attachment allows owners of its massage guns to attach a pleasure product, such as a dildo, to the device for added pleasure. The company also offers two specially designed massage guns that provide “both muscle relief and orgasmic relief,” 

Daniels enthused, “I love this product. I tried it and I consider myself a ‘hoefessional,’ and I came like the dude that lasts 30 seconds. I give it a 20 out of 10. I don't endorse many products but this one gets my full backing.”

To view Daniels’ YouTube review of Lovgun, click here.

Thomas added that Lovgun “isn't like any of the erotic massagers on the market. Almost all of those create external orgasms — Lovgun's orgasm is internal and intense. It definitely something you have to experience for yourself.”

For more information, visit Lovgun.com.